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Odd books that I picked up cheap: 'Scouts in Bondage'

This is not actually what it sounds like. That's kinda the point. This is a short little compilation by a second-hand bookseller of pictures of old books he's collected with titles that come across as just a wee bit less innocent than they did when they first came out. Although I have to say, some of them probably looked pretty damn dodgy when they came out as well.

First you have the ones that sound okay with just the main title, but become much more dirty when the subtitle is added. "A Story for Boys"? I'll let you decide why boys need to know about the captain's bunk. I don't dare speculate.

Some of them are just ordinary manuals that are probably not as funny to actual engineers:

Remember, if it's purple then you know you've got a really hard tool. If it's blue it might be a little too hard. If it's green, gray or black... dude, hospital.

Then you've got the ones that look like they were designed for surprised necrophiliacs:

And the ones that appear to be about some chick bragging about her pick-ups:

Judging by the picture, Nell scored by hijacking some poor guy's donkey cart, which is certainly a unique way of going about it.

Then we have "Invisible Dick", which has what is surely the most unfortunate combination of title and contents page ever made. I mean, sure, "Invisible Dick" is a snicker-worthy but understandable title from back when "Dick" was a far more innocent name. However, when your contents page lists such exciting chapter names as "Dick finds it", "Porker Puzzled" and my personal favourite after reading one too many lurid romance books, "The Vanishing Helmet", well, that's just like the future's deliberately making fun of you.

After all of that, though, my favourite of the lot is not actually one of the more smutty titles, but one in which the title probably caused some head scratching when it was published as well. I mean, I know an author likes to brag about how his books are well read but:

I hate to burst your bubble mate, but I really don't think your book's as popular as you'd like to think.

It's all rather giggle worthy, in summary, although it is rather short, with just the amusing covers rather than much in the way of content reproduced. If you want to pick it up, it's still available, though not for as cheap as I got it ( two dollars Australian!) :-).
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