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Links Post Number 61 - The humour edition, because I need it.

My brother's first child is 18 months old. He bought this book for himself :-).

Unhappy citizens get sarcastic by leaving biting reviews on a certain product on Amazon :-).

Have a spare baby and don't know what to do with him? Use him to recreate scenes from classic movies, and gain instant internet fame!

Better Book Titles.

Fun with board games and photoshop, courtesy of Mightygodking. It's funnier if you're a board gamer :-).

Sadly, this about sums up my reaction to Barry Allen as the Flash too.


And I leave you with the most inadvertently homosexual ad campaign ever created. Man, people were either amazingly oblivious or a lot more liberal than we thought in the "good old days". Nice art, too :-).
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