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Links Post Number 62

The best images of 2011? Actually the one's that went viral on the net rather than the ones that are actually the best, but there's some interesting and fairly touching stuff here.

The X-Men Guide to Puberty :-)

This guy constructs images of characters from novels using police identikit software, based on the descriptions given in the books themselves. I have to link it just for the idea itself.

Historical remedies for all your ills!

...Ow. Warning: references Ultimate Spidermen and racism in a pretty cutting way.

Here's another, much older, comic that has some relevance to the issue. It's a real classic.

Finally, on a completely different topic, most PC gamers would be familiar with GOG (formerly Good Old Games), a cool download shop that specialises in older games (and now the occasional newer one) that are drm free. If you've ever been thinking about checking it out, now's the time to do so, because they're in the middle of a 48 hour promotion in which you can download the original Fallout completely free.

It's a pretty awesome old game, and the start of a pretty awesome series. Also, once you have an account on GOG there's a few other free games there too, and a whole lot of cheap older games that have been tweaked to work on modern systems. Hell, they have the Thief series, and that's my favourite series ever. Garrett rules :-).
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