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Pics from Oz Comic Con!

Holiday time again, which means I actually have time to post in my lj and stuff! And since I came back from Oz Comic Con in Melbourne about a week ago, how about some pics?

These are mostly costume pics because the costumes were generally awesome. I did take a few pics of the extremely overcrowded hall and the ridiculous line, but I figure you can find out about the organiser's planning problems by reading the copious (and really kinda deserved) bitching on their facebook page :-). That said, I did have fun, but the lines were freaking ludicrous.

We came across these guys walking up to the convention centre. They made a pretty damn awesome group, even though the Hulk was a bit puffy :-).

Best idea for material for an Iron Man helmet ever!

Zombie Optimus Prime confuses me. I mean, good costume, but... Zombie Optimus Prime?

Jubilee and Black Widow!

Awesome Two Face and Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn. There were Harleys of all type there!

Rainbow Brite? You grew up?!

Little bit of a chest problem there...

Ghost Rider and Mrs Ghost Rider checking their iphone!


A cool Tintin!

Harley is here and she has a freaking huge gun!

Gender swapped Bat-villains r us!

Costumes galore at the end of the Costume parade.

Deadpool teaches a small child violence!


The X-men assemble?

This guy was awesomely in character.


What If: The Doctor was into reggae?

...well, he has the body for it.

This guy is so Loki it's scary. He's looking at me!

Sad Panda :-(.

Steph Batgirl! So well done!

This guy is dressed as the Justice League! All of them!

He has a little Yancy Street sign!

Finally, here's one of the badges I picked up!

Also, best pun ever :-).

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