Fanfic: Thermotemporal Equations (MCU - Bucky Barnes and the Avengers) 1/13

Yay, a new fanfic!

I'm posting it as a WIP but am halfway through (23 000 words so far!), so hopefully, taking into account my slow writing, I'll be able to consistently post one chap every 5-6 days.  Fingers crossed!

Comments would be muchly appreciated!

Extra special thanks to my awesome betas, greenygal and airawyn!

Read it over here:

A new fanfic!

Just a heads up to those interested- greenygal and I finally managed to pull ourselves together and we are posting a new fanfic at piper_trickster this week.  Obviously, it stars the DC characters, Piper and Trickster, and it's set in OldDCU continuity, which, yes, did have Trickster as kind of dead.  It's okay, that's central to the whole premise!

The first part of While You Were Sleeping is just a click away, and the rest is finished and will be posted one chap per day.  Hope you like it!  Comments are appreciated!
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Pics from Oz Comic Con!

Holiday time again, which means I actually have time to post in my lj and stuff! And since I came back from Oz Comic Con in Melbourne about a week ago, how about some pics?

These are mostly costume pics because the costumes were generally awesome. I did take a few pics of the extremely overcrowded hall and the ridiculous line, but I figure you can find out about the organiser's planning problems by reading the copious (and really kinda deserved) bitching on their facebook page :-). That said, I did have fun, but the lines were freaking ludicrous.

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