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Links Post Number 63 - Special Theme - Opinions

As I trawl through the internet, I discover a lot of things that intrigue me, and a lot that anger me. These links are opinion pieces on these things, and I generally find myself either agreeing with them or at least thinking they have an interesting point to make. In no particular order...

Doing the Sums: Does a Private Education Add Up? This is a decent article looking at the opinions on both sides of the private vs public school debate (note that they use the Australian definitions of the terms, for those in the UK). The comments are rather... eye opening as well.

what's love got to do with it. An interesting piece on racism, love, free speech, and the separation of the author and their work.

Out of character behaviors and believability. An essay. With diagrams. And it's actually a really interesting piece on fanfic and how to make the actions of your characters plausible with the sheer power of good writing.

Understanding the asylum seeker debate in Australia. A good, objective piece to point the ignorant to.

Australia's Imams on Osama, tolerance and Sharia law. A perspective that you don't often see in the papers.

5 things nobody tells you about being poor. A fascinating piece from Cracked that pretty much sums up a lot of the things that people with money just often don't get.
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